BLACKSTART is a complete cloud-based ESCO management software solution for electric providers. It combines all your front, middle and back office functions into an integrated solution. We’ve developed a unique and easy to follow process flow that captures key details from the initial RFP to post contract collections. With our functionality, you can reduce hours spent on manual processes to focus on profit producing activities and making your customers happy.

Software tasks

The idea is simple: combine all the important operational functions that your ESCO needs to deal with on regular basis and connect them in an easy to use system. Having integrated modules with EDI incorporated means assurance that you will have the most up to date and relevant information for pricing, contracting, billing and wholesale.

Blackstart has the following integrated modules:

Customer and Account Database

Designed for ease of use and data management. Our simple Customer and Account structure means you can organize pricing, contracts and billing across LDCs for the same customer. EDI integrations means up to date billing, usage and other relevant account information.

  • Central hub for customer and account info:
    • Current account balance
    • Active and booked pricing requests
    • Contracts
    • EDI transactions
    • Notes


Pricing is based on LDC and Zonal based cost models entered and maintained by the user. This allows you to produce customer specific pricing, mass market rack rates or simple indicative quotes based on the models you create. This means easy deal execution that captures the most important details at the zonal level. Capturing your deal level details allows us to drive an automated, zonal based Wholesale module translating all your pricing components into a total book level view.

  • Customer Pricing
    • Based on actual account usage and rate class profiles
    • Unique to one customer and the group of accounts associated with it
    • Contracting process is mostly complete if custom pricing
    • Provides the highest detail for Wholesale management
  • Rack Pricing
    • Generic pricing that can be booked multiple times
    • Quick daily refreshing process
    • Commonly used to generate residential rates for many markets
  • Indicative Pricing
    • Completely user entered for quick estimations
    • Indicatively quote deals without having to go through the longer custom pricing process

Contract Capture and Management

Integrated with Pricing and Billing to make sure what you priced is what you bill, without any surprises. A variety of options allow users to make sure monthly billing of accounts is easy and consistent. Managing a range of user defined Contract Products, you have the option of directly booking a custom pricing request, book a whole range of rack rates and even complete manual entry (which is quick and easy for variable rate contracts).

  • Create contracts with a variety of different specifications and sources
    • Custom pricing request
    • Rack rate price
    • Manual entry


Uses Contracts and the associated contract products to bill customers according to your specifications. Fully integrated with EDI to handle all types to billing the various LDCs provide. Automated monthly contract switching means when your deals expire, your new contract will automatically be picked up in the next billing cycle.

  • Bill Ready
  • Rate Ready
  • Dual Ready
  • Payments Processing

Agency and Brokers

Tracks both internal and external salespeople’s book of business and their commissions. Reporting incorporation means you can easily run monthly commissions, track broker accounts and easily inform them of their contract statuses.

  • Track contracts by agency
  • See overall and deal level commissions by broker
  • Manage communication channels and organize based on different company structures


Gain access to quick and convenient reports for monthly commissions, contract entry and financial reporting. This gives you access to information that critical for paying taxes, managing account statuses and track monthly invoicing and payments.

  • Account details
  • Billing
  • Contract entry
  • Sales and commission
  • Financial reporting

EDI - Powered by Latitude Technologies

Fully integrated throughout the whole BLACKSTART platform. Performs all historical usage, billing and account changes. An easy to use front end means you can search all EDI transactions and see what is happening on an account level.


Driven by Pricing and Contracts to provide detailed, zonal level position reports. Using both those modules allows you to have an up to date view of contracted load, total cost implications, company margin tracking and your hedging activities.

  • Reports position on booked pricing requests and contracted deals
    • Custom pricing unitized and total dollar amounts reported on your whole book of business
    • See future revenue and cost projections based on pricing.
  • Captures wholesale positions and hedges


Where pertinent info is stored related to the LDCs, pricing models, contract process and billing. The backbone of our system, this allows an ESCO to define the information that drives LDC rules, contracts, settlements and pricing models.

  • Manage and define LDC rules and info
  • Create pricing models
  • Upload settlement rates for variable billing


We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions about our software, or if you’re a rock-star engineer looking to join us.